about me

Hi- My name is Carl, and I am a 17-year-old director, writer, composer, and musician based in Princeton, NJ. I have been writing and directing original short films and stories since early childhood, and have been trained in professional media/video production skills. My strong musical background (trained as a classical violinist since age four) both often informs and inspires a great deal of my work. I also compose original film soundtracks, one of which ("The Dreamland Inn") won Best Original Score at the Jersey Shore International Film Festival in 2020.

Recently, I finished two original short films ("Orange Blossoms" and "Monologue") and am working on a far more ambitious production set to be released in mid-2021. Additionally, I am co-creating an original short-story podcast "Live from Nowhere" alongside frequent collaborator Zak Zaidi (the most recent episode I have written is "The Errand".



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Photo: Riverside in Bergen, Norway. Taken by Carl Coetzee, August 2019.