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Creative Writing Portfolio

creative writing

An integral part of my creative work is narrative -- I have been writing short films and stories for as long as I have been creating. Included on this page are several examples of my creative writing endeavors.

2019-2020 Winter pieces

These are a series of narrative short stories I submitted as part of a creative writing course in early 2020. "Firework" is a humorous personal narrative about a childhood memory. "Masterclass" and "Recording" are a companion set of narrative fiction pieces written from the perspective of individual students in a violin studio. Finally, "Departure" is a story about three friends leaving their childhood home for college and dealing with transition in their lives.

Live from nowhere pieces

These are text versions of original narrative short stories I wrote for a podcast I am co-creating with Zak Zaidi. They were originally released in podcast form beginning in June 2020.

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